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Personal Safety Curriculum Notification for Drop-In Child Care Centers

  • Since 1985, Tennessee law has required that children in child care agencies receive annual instruction in personal safety, including child sexual abuse prevention. The personal safety curriculum shall include a Department-recognized component on the prevention of child abuse.
  • Public Chapter 1032 passed by the General Assembly in 2008 requires that child care agencies have a personal safety curriculum, including a child sexual abuse component, for children enrolled in the agency, and that parents/legal guardians be informed about the curriculum, methods and terminology that will be used in teaching children about personal safety. The Department of Human Services was directed to provide guidelines for this curriculum, but individual child care agencies may choose a curriculum that accomplishes the same goal, and may use different terminology in the curriculum.The child care agency is required to allow parents/legal guardians to review and ask questions about the curriculum, and to meet withrepresentatives of the child care agency if they have questions.
  • In addition, the child care agency must obtain from parents/legal guardians a form acknowledging that they have been notified of the child sexual abuse/personal safety curriculum being used by the child care agency in which the child is enrolled. A copy of the form is required to be maintained in the child's record.
  • Because of the unique nature of Drop In Child Care Centers, presenting a single, comprehensive curriculum to children of varying ages is not practical. Children would be briefly exposed to random selections from the curriculum out of context and the results would not be beneficial.
  •  "Personal Safety Tips for Children and Their Parents" is the sample personal safety tip sheet offered by the Department.This tip sheet is given to parents and provides an overview to aid parents in empowering their children to prevent abuse. This information is not presented directly to the children by this agency.
  •  "Personal Safety Tips for Children and Their Parents" is the personal safety curriculum used by our child care agency.

Our agency uses another personal safety curriculum described below: Method of Instruction:

Sample Terminology

The materials used in the agency personal safety curriculum are made available to the parents or legal guardians for use with their children. I/We acknowledge that we have been provided an opportunity to review the agency's personal safety curriculum, and have been notified of the sexual abuse/personal safety curriculum for our child/children.

My child receives annual personal safety instruction though another educational setting

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